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How Long Does Interior Paint Take to Dry?

Posted - 03/01/2012

Painting any room in your house updates the space, but it is not a fast procedure. Most homes require multiple coats of paint, even if you use a primer. The primer covers the original color of the wall, and acts as a base coat for your paint. The amount of time that it takes for the interior paint to dry depends on the type of paint you choose for the job. Latex paints typically dry within one hour, while oil-based paints take up to eight hours. This only refers to how long it takes the top of the paint to dry, and not the paint between the top and primer. You might notice that the paint feels sticky or tacky to the touch, which indicates that it is not fully dry. Most manufacturers recommend that you wait at least four to eight hours after the first application before applying a second coat. Working with a professional painter takes the guesswork out of drying times. Many professionals carry tools that help the paint dry faster, including circulating fans. These tools are especially important when the surrounding area is humid. Any type of humidity, including rain, increases the drying time of the paint.
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